TBT: Mario Savio at UC Berkeley


Throwback thursday as I’m sure many of you know is a popular tradition on Twitter, Instagram, and social media platforms of all kinds. So we figured we’d have our own version of it, and take every Thursday to publish an essay or video or photograph from an earlier time, to help us get a better understanding of the events that passed before us, and how they relate and differ to the society we live in today.

Today’s piece is a short excerpt from a speech by famed student activist Mario Savio, from his time at UC Berkeley. A prominent leader of the Free Speech Movement on campus, he led protests trying to lift the ban on political activism and protest on at the university, in the hopes of achieving the full realization of the academic and political rights and liberties of the student body.

Regardless of how you feel about Savio’s positions, it’s important to appreciate what he does in this speech. He was a young person actively engaging in political life, doing his best to exercise his will and the will of his peers on the machines of power that he felt were in need of change. His is an example we should learn from. Free speech, communication, effort, peaceful demonstration– these are things we need to value and appreciate, regardless of party or position. Let us know what you think.

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