Sunday Links: December 15th, 2013



Here are this week’s links:


Slate columnist and University of Missouri-St.Louis adjunct professor Rebecca Schuman claims (in a somewhat controversial manner) that we should stop assigning papers in required classes. [Slate]


In which Larry Kudlow discusses the political value of the Ryan-Murray budget deal. [The National Review]


To what extent will America drive future international economic growth? Simon Kennedy discusses. [Bloomberg]


Scott Timberg interviews (the fascinating) essayist Richard Rodriguez about his new book Darling: A Spiritual Biography. [Salon]


For those who have not yet had a chance to read it, Andrea Elliott’s piece about Dasani, a homeless girl in New York, is quite the piece. [New York Times]


Author Amina Cain discusses landscape and fiction. [The Paris Review]


On Bitcoin’s inviability as a currency. [The Atlantic]


And, lastly, for those of you who fear Google’s future rise to outright hegemony, here’s a rundown of the various robotics projects they’ve been working on. [Gizmodo]


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