Sunday Links: December 22nd



Here are this week’s links:


In the wake of the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israeli academic institutions, Leon Wieseltier discusses the world’s growing anti-Semitism, and vanishing sense of academic freedom. [The New Republic]


Also at The New Republic, David Greenberg takes a different approach in responding to the boycott.           [The New Republic]


In response to Phil Robertson’s suspension from A&E’s Duck Dynasy, Mark Steyn discusses tolerance, intolerance, and free speech. [The National Review]


This story has made its way around the web quite a bit this week, but if you haven’t read up on it, here’s a piece by Jill Filipovic about Pentecostalism, AIDS, and the rise of witch-hunts in Malawi. [Foreign Policy Magazine]


Over at The Economist, a brief piece about the competing elements of nationalization and privatization in the development of Obamacare. [The Economist]


K. Saiful Islam writes about the importance of military tribunals in Bangladesh over at The Hill. [The Hill]


Looking back at 2013, Heather Horn and Svati Kirsten Narula discuss the biggest gender issues of the year. [The Atlantic]


A profile of Ted Cruz, Time Magazine’s runner-up Person of the Year. [Time]


Brandon Harris writes about the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn over at n+1 in an early preview of their next print issue. [n+1]


Michael Ballaban gives an interesting piece about World War 2 and the construction of FDR Drive in New York City over at Jalopnik. [Jalopnik]


A year in books by James Wood over at The New Yorker. [The New Yorker]


Lastly, here are the top 50 albums and top 100 tracks of the year according to the sometimes divisive [Pitchfork’s Songs. Pitchfork’s Albums.]

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