Sunday Links: January 5th, 2014



We hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday season. Here are the first links of the new year.


Phil Everly, one half of the famous California rock duo The Everly Brothers, passed away yesterday. [New York Times]


Nobel Prize winning writer Mario Vargas Llosa writes about authoritarianism and the internet over at The New Republic. [The New Republic]


The New Yorker, for this weekend only, has decided to pull the Don Dellillo short story “Midnight in Dostoevsky” out of its archive. [The New Yorker]

Negotiations begin in South Sudan in the hopes of stemming the violence that has wracked the country [CNN]


Lindsay Beyerstein writes about the new abortion laws in Texas and the consequences that they will have on the state. [Al Jazeera America]


In Tel Aviv, tens of thousands of African migrants join in protest. [Haaretz]


Lastly, for those who enjoy McSweeney’s or The Paris Review, the two have come together with a temporary offer to subscribe to both for a bundle price lower than an individual subscription to either magazine, which is pretty cool. [The Paris Review]

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