Sunday Links: January 12th, 2014



Here are this week’s links:


Ariel Sharon, one of the most influential– and at times controversial– figures in Israeli history, passed away this weekend at 85. [New York Times]


The debate surrounding the minimum wage is changing as more economists are beginning to discuss the benefits of raising it. [The Washington Post]


IsĀ The Wolf of Wall Street a salute to American excess, or a morality play decrying pride and greed? Anne Billson weighs in. [The Telegraph]


A court rejects Arizona’s most restrictive abortion law. [The Guardian]


The costs of being poor are often hidden, and lead to cycles of poverty in ways that we don’t always expect. [The Atlantic]


As a nuclear deal comes to a close, the world’s attention turns to Iran’s implementation. [Al Jazeera]


And, lastly, a victory against polio in India. [BBC]




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