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On Historical Emulation

  I try, generally, not to write against specific articles– it usually isn’t useful to. A writer may understand an issue better than another, or have…

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TBT: Randolph Bourne’s “Transnational America”

  During the Super Bowl, Coca Cola ran an ad that featured a multi-lingual rendition of “America the Beautiful.” I personally thought that the ad was…

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TBT: RIP Pete Seeger

  Famed folk singer Pete Seeger died earlier this week, and I want to use this TBT to commemorate him as best I can. Unfortunately, I’m…

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Macklemore’s Grammys and the Future of Rap

  It was pretty clear leading into the Grammys that there would be controversy if Macklemore’s The Heist beat out Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City…

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The Ethan Couch Question

  Ethan Couch is a sixteen year old kid from Texas. He was also, this past week, sentenced to ten years of probation for killing four…

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A Letter to Our Readers

  This site is the culmination of a number of months of hard work and thought. So, before I get into anything further, I would like…

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